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2023 Annual Coaches Game

Once again our coaches got together on St Stephens Day for our annual coaches match.

Bibs, captained by Simon Madden, against non-bibs captained by Stuart Smith. 

A quick start to the game from the bibs and they soon found themselves 3 up after 5 minutes. This didn't seem to bother the non-bib captain as shouts of "they won't last the pace" were heard. 

The non-bibs pulled a couple back but it was the bibs that looked the strongest throughout the first half. The finishing was shocking though with quite a few balls ending up on the far side of the road. We won't name the coaches but the U12 Girls must do a lot of practicing at home 😉

Half time came and the non-bibs were only trailing by two (somehow). 

Some changes at half time were called for so young Aaron Rice switched from the dark side to join the non-bibs with Kelly going the opposite way. An exhausted Henvey was replaced by Podge who was unlucky not to start today. If he’d have just made those last two sets of lights, he’d a been a sure thing to start.  

The second half started with Smith (Stuart) scoring an audacious lob from the kick off. The bibs acted quickly though and Kelly was replaced in goal by Heyc 😂

The game became tight as the introduction of Podge at half time brought a calmness to the non-bibs. A quick 5-minute spell though saw the bibs once gain take control of the game going 3 up. 

The earlier shouts of the bibs not lasting the pace started to come true and the non-bibs superior fitness started to show. 👀

They went 3 upfront with Saunders, Bergin and Smith (Stephen) and it paid dividends as suddenly there was just one goal in it with minutes left to play. Some play acting by the bibs came to nothing near the end with both Madden and Boyle showing their desperation with claims of all sorts in the opposition box. Referee Patchell was quick to wave them away. 

This didn't bother the non-bibs and after a quick kickout, they found themselves in a 4v2 attack. With Finn tearing down the outside (ala Father Sensini😂), Podge played a neat little ball for Finn to pick out Bergin at the back post and he slotted home the equalizer.

So it was penalties that would decide 67 minutes of free flowing, high intensity football.🤣


The non-bibs were up first and it was game changer Podge who cooly slotted the ball past Heyc and into the corner, 1-0.

Next up was Madden for the bibs but it was Rice with the save, still 1-0.

Jemmer “The Rock” Kelly then stepped up, and boom 2-0 with a top corner finish.

The bibs were in early trouble and next up was Smyth with a cool finish making it 2-1.

Next it was John “solid 7.5 all day” Saunders but the pressure got to him and he hit it straight at the keeper, still 2-1.

The bibs needed to score and Rhatigan obliged with a neat finish, 2-2!!

Next up was Finn, who thundered the ball into the net to make it 3-2.

Then came father v son but it was youth that prevailed with a fine save by Rice, still 3-2.

It was Bergin to win it for the non-bibs and he did so with a rabona that saw the ball trickle past the keeper.


Game over and the non-bibs take the honours for 2023!!!














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